Teacher-student-interaction in subject-specific writing: research meets practice

We are pleased to inform you about the conference Teacher-student-interaction in subject-specific writing. This conference addresses the ways in which this teacher-student-interaction should be shaped in order to be effective. The motto of this conference is “science meets practice”, which means that we would like the conference to be a meeting place for both researchers, teachers and teacher educators. We will focus on the following main questions:

  • What knowledge can be generated from scientific studies on effective forms of instruction in subject-specific writing and/or on the effects of feedback on the writing process or product?
  • Which good practices can be found in the educational field?

You will attend plenary lectures by Rachel Whittaker (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and Linda Mason (University of North Carolina), get inspired by teachers who share their good practices, and have discussions with teachers, teacher educators and researchers during parallel sessions. You can also contribute to this conference. See therefore Call for papers.

This one-day conference is on Wednesday January 22nd, 2014,  and is organized by researchers and teacher educators from the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University, co-financed by the multidisciplinary program Educational and Learning Sciences.