Call for papers

You can contribute to this conference in two ways.

  1. You can submit a 2-page proposal (max. 1000 words) in which you describe a good practice from your own educational field: demonstrate how you stimulate subject-specific writing proficiency of your students by means of interactive instruction and/or feedback, or how you train teachers to engage in effective teacher-student-interactions about writing processes or products. Note that this may also involve work in progress. A collection of all good practices will be handed out to the conference participants. Four of the best practices will be presented during the plenary part of the conference. In your contribution, please address the following issues: 1) the relevance to the conference theme, 3) your good practice (materials, instructions, designs, feedback forms…), 4) theoretical or practical evidence for success , 5) practical implications and/or questions you would like to discuss with the audience, and possibly 6) an indication (url, dropbox folder) how you will make sample material available.
  2. You can organize a round-table conversation, workshop, debate or any other interactive activity (= anything but a lecture) for a group of 30 people maximum: a session of 45 minutes in which you create the opportunity for teachers and researchers to exchange concepts, practices and research findings. You can consider a discussion about your experiences and concerns in teacher-student-interaction and feedback on writing products, a brainstorm about the content of a specific writing curriculum, the development of feedback criteria, etc. In your contribution (max. 500 words) please address the following issues: 1) background, 2) relevance for the conference theme, 3) interactive format, and 4) topics and/or questions you would like to discuss with your audience.

    Proposals combining 1 and 2 are welcome as well.

You can contribute in Dutch or in English. A summary should be submitted by November 15, 2013 via A notification of acceptance will be sent by November 23, 2013.